Homecare and Behavioral Health

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As the majority of America’s population ages, the need for behavioral health services continues to increase.  Recent data estimates that twenty percent of adults aged 65 and older meet the criteria for a mental disorder, including dementia, so behavioral health is a primary concern for our older

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Self-Medicating for Depression May Hurt Rather Than Help

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It’s true: We all do things now and again to help us feel better. But when a person repeats those behaviors in an attempt to manage depression, improvement may not be the result. Self-medication for depression can take many forms; drugs or alcohol may immediately come to

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Hypomania and Other Bipolar Symptoms May Increase in Spring and Summer


Spring brings allergies, fever—and for those with bipolar disorder, an increased likelihood of an episode. A 2013 research study, published in the journal Bipolar Disorder, found that hospital admissions peaked in the spring for those with bipolar experiencing depression. Those in the mania phase were more likely

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Dealing with Grief

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Any number of situations can cause grief. It may be the loss of a loved one, a job or a relationship. It may be immediate—such as death from an accident—or lingering, such as death from a terminal illness. For some, the grief can be so deep that

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis?

While the term “dual diagnosis” is a broad category of disorders, it can be narrowed down to someone who experiences a mental illness and substance abuse problem at the same time. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) refers it as a “co-occurring disorder.” NIH estimates as many

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Managing Anxiety in Seniors

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We all recognize that dreaded familiar feeling of anxiety when it wakes us up in the middle of the night or strikes for no apparent reason during the day.  Anxiety manifests itself uniquely in each individual.  For some, anxiety is apparent in sweating; others struggle with headaches

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The Importance of Social Workers in Behavioral Health

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March 2017 marks the celebration of National Social Workers Month.  This year’s theme is “Social Workers Stand Up” in honor of the over one half million social workers who provide services across the country. The idea behind this campaign, on behalf of the National Association of Social

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When Should Psychiatric Medicines be Considered?

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In some cases, counseling and group therapy simply aren’t enough. Medications may be used in the treatment of mental disorders, and the study of their use is called psychopharmacology. There’s a lot to it; according to the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology, the field involves both what

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Memory and Aging CEU

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Falls May Be Linked to Dementia

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Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries. It’s more than mere inconvenience; one in five falls causes serious harm, such as a head injury or broken bone. But there’s one more thing that

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