Green Kitchen Offers Made-From-Scratch Meals at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Frisco

Who doesn’t like their meals made from scratch? Not only does homemade cooking remind us of home, but it is much healthier, better tasting and more cost effective to prepare. And, it is better for the environment! As patients in a hospital, we do not typically expect to be served made-from-scratch meals. But for patients at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Frisco, that is just what they receive. Haven wanted to provide their patients with healthy, nutritious meal options, so they partnered with a specialty food service company to offer a “Green Kitchen”.

A Green Kitchen is a state-of-the-art concept which offers food prepared without fat or grease. This type of hood-free cooking diminishes the need for hood systems reducing fumes and extensive kitchen supplies. With the elimination of grease, the risk of kitchen fires is greatly reduced making Green Kitchens a safer alternative. In addition, the oven used in Haven’s Green Kitchen cooks five times faster than a traditional oven. This reduces energy usage, improves productivity and reduces the time from kitchen to table.

Patients and their families have a higher satisfaction with the quality of food at Haven due to the healthy, well-balanced meals and excellent recipes. Specially designed menus ensure that the patients’ preferences and dietary restrictions are met. At Haven, meeting the nutritional and dietary needs of patients is crucial in the treatment process. Not only is it important for patients to receive nutritious meals, but it is also nice to give them a taste of home.


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